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Chart colors

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Chart colors

Report administrators can change the look of charts by specifying colors used to represent specific report data categories.

You can configure the system to use the same color for all bars on a bar chart. You can also define new system colors that can be used in charts.

Using chart colors

Newly generated bar or pie chart reports update the Chart Colors list to show each data category for the report and the color associated with the category. The colors used in bar and pie charts for a particular data category are consistently used across all bar and pie charts created. For example, priority 1 incidents in a chart always have the same color and do not change color based on their relative position within the chart.

Colors from the following list are automatically assigned to each category the first time the category is used in a chart. If there are more than 15 possible categories, the colors repeat.
Figure 1. Chart colors

By default, the bars on a bar chart use different colors for different data categories. To use the same color for all bars, set the glide.ui.chart.use_full_color_palette property to false and specify the desired color in the glide.ui.chart.color property.