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Manage catalog portal pages

Manage catalog portal pages

Service catalog enables you to create and manage multiple portal pages for a catalog.

About this task

A catalog portal page provides a homepage for a specific catalog. You can use portal pages to create different catalog views for different user groups. Each portal page accesses the same catalog content and presents that content in different ways.
Catalog portal page details include the owner, title, and view to use for that page.
Note: The View field on a portal page is the value used when you refer to the homepage in a URL or module. When you upgrade to the Eureka release, this view value for the default service catalog portal page is automatically set to catalog_default. If you previously changed this value, you should manually reapply this change after upgrade.


  1. The Catalog Portal Pages related list shows portal pages available for that catalog. Each catalog has a default page, created automatically when the catalog is created.
  2. Select an appropriate action:
    • Click New to create a new portal page.
    • Click Edit to select an additional portal page for the catalog.
    • Select a portal page to view and edit details for that page.