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Apply user criteria to items

Apply user criteria to items

Service catalog enables you to apply user criteria to an item, defining which users can and cannot access that item.

About this task

You can apply user criteria to all types of catalog item, including order guides, content items, and record producers.

Note: The user criteria restriction applies only within Service Catalog for the specific item it is applied for. However, the user criteria restriction is not applied outside the Service Catalog where the user has access to the item via the table.

To apply user criteria to an item:


  1. In an item record, navigate to the Available For or Not Available For related lists.
  2. Click Edit to add an existing user criteria record, or click New to create a new one.
  3. Save the record to associate the user criteria record with the item.

    The Not Available For settings override Available For settings. A user on the Not Available For list for an item cannot access that item, even if that user is also on the Available For list for that item.