Add catalog item variables to a task

About this task

For example, when a user requests a laptop, the fulfillment group may need to know what screen size and how much memory to order.

Each catalog item can contain one or more variables for gathering information from the user who requests the item. Assuming that the relevant catalog items have been associated to the execution plan, you can associate these variables to the specific created tasks that need the information.

To add catalog item variables to a task:


  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Policy > Execution Plans.
  2. Open an execution plan.
  3. In the Execution Plan Tasks related list, open a task.

    Make sure the form shows the Plan view. If not, right-click the header bar and select View > Plan.

  4. Go to the Available Variables related list and click Edit.
  5. Use the slushbucket to select the variables that are appropriate for the task.

    Consider all the types of catalog items that might use this execution plan, and select all the variables that might be assigned to them.

  6. Click Save to associate these variables to the execution plan task, making them accessible.