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Use the Business Service Map

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Use the Business Service Map

The Business Service Map provides a visual representation of the configuration items and their relationships and displays information on related issues.

For example, the following image is a BSM for the CI NY-02-02, a server rack.

Figure 1. BSM for server rack NY-02-02

The caution symbol in the top right-hand corner indicates that there is a problem attached.

Figure 2. Related issues

The light color in on the rack indicates that it is affected by an down-stream CI's incident. In this case, the orange-colored Data Center Zone NY2A has the caution symbol, which indicates that there is an incident attached:

Figure 3. Incident for NY2A

Lastly, one of the upstream CIs is colored in blue. This indicates that the CI has a change record attached:

Figure 4. Change attached to a CI

With this information, we can see not only the CI, but also its relationships upstream and downstream. The rack's problem might be caused by an improper change to the Web Server software on one of its Linux Servers, or it might be caused by the incident logged on the Data Center Zone where it resides.