Add new state change conditions using UI Policy

You can use a UI policy to add new criteria for state transitions.

About this task

You can edit the default UI policies that are available or create a new policy. The type of change and the state of the change request drives the default UI policies that determine mandatory field requirements.


  1. Navigate to System UI > UI Policies.
  2. Open a default UI policy to edit or click New to create a new policy.
    These default UI policies are available:
    UI Policy Description
    Show CAB fields for normal and emergency changes from the Authorize state and onwards
    Mandatory Assignment Group field
    Mandatory Close notes and Code fields when in the Closed state

    In both the mandatory UI policies, the mandatory fields are determined by the state of the change request. For Show - CAB fields, the type of change is also taken into account because standard changes do not require approval.

  3. Complete the form, as appropriate.
  4. Click Submit.