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Create a change request template

Create a change request template

You can create a template that can be used to create change requests with pre-defined supporting tasks.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to System Definition > Templates.
  2. Click New or open an existing change request template to modify.
  3. Click Configure > Form Layout to add the following fields to the template: Next related template, Next related child template, Link element.
  4. From the Table, choose from one of two default change request template configuration items:
    ItemLink element


    None. This object does not have a link element, because it is at root level.


    Parent. Because this task object is one level below root level, it uses the parent table as a link element. In this case, the parent is change_request.

  5. Edit the fields on the change request template as needed:


    Unique and descriptive name for this template.


    Select the table the template applies to.


    Check to make template available for use.


    User who can configure and apply the template. If a user is defined, no other users can see the template unless the Global check box is selected.


    A group whose members can configure and apply the template. If a group is defined, no other groups can see the template unless the Global check box is selected.


    Option for allowing any user who can access templates to view and apply this template.

    Short description

    Enter a unique short description for the template.


    This field automatically displays after selecting a table and used to auto-populate records.

    Click and select the field from the table. You can select multiple fields.

    Enter the information that auto-populates.

    Next related template

    Using this field creates a record at the same hierarchical level (sibling) as the current template.

    Using this field on a child template specifies an extra child template under the same parent template.

    This field is not supported on top-level templates.

    Next related child template

    This field creates a record at the hierarchical level below (child) the current template.

    You can assign a child template to a child template.

    Link element

    Use this field to link a record created from a child template to the record created from the parent template.

    The template script include chooses the first valid reference field that can link to the parent record when this field is left blank.

  6. Click Save to save the change request template.