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Configure the lease grace period for VMware

Configure the lease grace period for VMware

A configurable grace period enables an administrator to delay the termination of a virtual machine when the lease end date expires.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_admin, vmware_operator

About this task

When the lease ends, the virtual machine is powered off, but is available for use until the end of the grace period. To change the default grace period of 7 days, navigate to Cloud Management > Administration > Properties and edit the value in the Grace period after lease end until VM termination property (glide.vm.grace_period).

When the lease ends, the platform runs the VMware End of Lease workflow, which notifies the requestor that the lease has expired, and then powers off the virtual machine. The VMware End of Lease workflow evaluates the glide.vm.grace_period property to determine when the VMware Termination workflow should run. The requester is notified when the virtual machine is terminated, or if termination failed.

To configure a different workflow to run when a lease is terminated:


  1. In the application navigation filter, enter task_action_workflow.list.
  2. Select the end_of_lease action for the VMware Virtual Machine Instance [cmdb_ci_vmware_instance] table.
    VM lease end workflow
  3. Select a different workflow to run in the Workflow field.
  4. Click Update.