CloudFormation management tasks by group

Tasks for setting up a virtualization product, provisioning virtual resources, and requesting virtual machines from the service catalog depend on the user group to which you belong.

  • Virtual Provisioning Cloud Administrator: Members of this group own the Cloud Management environment and are responsible for configuring the different Cloud Management Providers used by cloud provisioning. Administrators can create service catalog items from VMware templates and Amazon EC2 images, approve requests for virtual machines, and monitor the Cloud Management environment using the Cloud Admin Portal.
  • Virtual Provisioning Cloud Operator: Members of this group fulfill provisioning requests from users. Operators perform the day-to-day work of Cloud Management by completing tasks that appear in the Cloud Operations Portal. Operators are assigned to specific virtualization providers and must be technically adept with the products they support.
  • Virtual Provisioning Cloud Users: Members of this group can request virtual machines from the service catalog and use the My Virtual Assets portal to manage any virtual machines that are assigned to them.