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Create credentials for Service Mapping

Create credentials for Service Mapping

Create credentials to enable Service Mapping to access configuration items (CIs) inside your organization private network.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or sm_admin

About this task

To discover and map CIs, Service Mapping accesses these CIs using commands some of which require credentials. The ServiceNow platform provides a centralized way of configuring credentials for Discovery, Service Mapping and other applications, so that you configure credentials for a certain CI type only once. For example, if you configured credentials for Linux operating system for Discovery, you do not need to do it again for Service Mapping.

You can assign credentials to specific MID Servers or keep credential generic so all MID Servers can use them. MID Servers retrieve commands and credentials from the ServiceNow instance and apply them to discover CIs inside organization private network.

Typically, it is enough to create credentials for hosts only, but some applications require separate credentials from credentials of the host on which they run. This type of credentials is referred to in ServiceNow as applicative credentials.

You also need to configure SNMP-related credentials to allow Service Mapping and Discovery to query network devices using the SNMP protocol.

Use the following guidelines to decide for which MID Server to create credentials:
  • If a credential is shared by all CIs belonging to the same CI type, you do not need to specify a MID Server for it. In that case it is used on all MID Servers by default.
    Note: Specifying the MID Server when configuring credentials is optional.
  • If CIs of the same type and on the same network have different credentials, configure these credentials and define order in which Service Mapping uses them when trying to connect to these CIs.

In addition to generic credentials you configure on MID Servers, you must configure sudo-level credentials on all Unix-based hosts in your organization.


  1. Navigate to Service Mapping > Administration > Credentials.
  2. Click New.
  3. Click the credential type for the credential you want to create:
    • For hosts with UNIX, Linux, IBM AIX, HP-UX, or Solaris OS, select SSH credentials.
    • For hosts with Window OS, select Windows credentials.
    • For applications requiring separate from their host credentials, select Applicative Credentials.
    • For querying network devices using SNMP, select SNMP Community Credentials (Password Only).
    If you have already configure host-related credentials for another application, you do not need to do it again for Service Mapping.
  4. For the SSH credentials, fill in the information as described in SSH credentials.
  5. For the Windows credentials, fill in the information as described in Windows credentials.
  6. For the applicative credentials, fill in the information as described in Applicative credentials for Service Mapping
  7. For the SNMP credentials, fill in the information as described in SNMP community credentials if you use SNMP v1/v2 or SNMPv3 credentials if you use SNMP v3.
  8. Click Submit.
  9. If necessary, repeat the procedure to create more credentials.