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View correlated alert groups

View correlated alert groups

View correlated alert groups from the Event Management dashboard, the alerts console, or a business service map.

Before you begin

Role required: evt_mgmt_operator

About this task

From each correlated alert group, you can drill down to all the alerts that are included in that group.

For alerts generated for CIs that are part of a service definition, you can view the impacted service.

For business services, an RCA correlated alert group is created, in which you can view the identified root cause CIs and all affected CIs.

The overall severity of a correlated alert group corresponds to the highest alert severity within the alert group.


  1. Navigate to the correlated alert group.
    RCA correlated alert groups for business services Navigate to Event Management > Dashboard.

    The dashboard displays RCA correlated alert groups that are associated with the business services on the dashboard.

    The names of RCA correlated alert groups are prefixed by 'Root Cause CI'. The identified root cause CI is also noted.

    Correlated alert groups for services and alert groups Navigate to Event Management > Alerts Console.

    The alerts console displays correlated alert groups that are associated with business services (RCA correlated alert groups), technical services, manual services, and alert groups.

    RCA correlated alert group for a specific business service Navigate to Event Management > Dashboard, and double-click the business service tile. Below the business service map, click Root Cause CI.

    RCA correlated alert groups for the selected business service are then displayed.

  2. Click Correlated Alert Groups.
    Table 1. Correlated Alert Groups columns
    Column Description
    Group Name The group name. RCA groups are prefixed by "Root Cause CI". All other groups are prefixed by "Alert".
    Severity The overall severity of the group, which is determined by the highest alert severity within the group.
    Related Alerts The number of alerts within the group, broken down by color-coded alert severity.
    Configuration Item The root cause CI in the group (applicable only to RCA groups).
    Updated On When the alert with the highest severity in the group was updated.
  3. To view individual alerts within the group, double-click the group name.
    For details on the alert columns, see Alerts.

What to do next

You can examine the alerts included in a correlated alert group, and then provide feedback about its accuracy and helpfulness. For more information, see Provide feedback about a correlated alert group.