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View event rules

View event rules

You can view all event rules on the Event Rules list.

Before you begin

Role required: evt_mgmt_admin

About this task

You can learn about event rules from the following video tutorial.


Navigate to Event Management > Rules > Event Rules.
Table 1. Event Rules list
Field Description
Name The event rule name.
Active A check box to activate the event rule or event mapping rule.
CI type A pre-defined definition that resides in the CMDB that describes a category for hardware, software application, or web service.
Order The order in which an event rule is evaluated if multiple rules are defined for the same type of event. Event rules are evaluated in ascending order.
Source The event monitoring software that generated the event, such as SolarWinds or SCOM. This field has a maximum length of 100. It is formerly known as event_class.
Updated The update date and time for the rule.