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Tables installed with Service Analytics

Tables installed with Service Analytics

Service Analytics adds the following tables.

Table Description
SA RCA Status


Information (such as IDs) for the latest messages that were sent to the ECC Queue for a service during RCA.
SA RCA Output

[sa_rca_output ]

RCA learner output data.
SA RCA Group


Correlated alert groups for the RCA query.
SA Analytics Alert Staging

[sa_analytics_alert ]

Staging table for alerts used for analytics.
SA Alert Aggregation Query


Alert aggregation query results.
SA RCA Input


Input data for the RCA learner.
SA Analytics Status


Last run information to be used for alert aggregation and RCA.
SA RCA Group Alert

[sa_rca_group_alert ]

Alerts associated with correlated alert groups.
SA RCA Service Configuration Item Association


Associations between CIs and services.