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Exclude IP addresses

Exclude IP addresses

Administrators can exclude specific IP addresses in a range or network from a Discovery Schedule.

About this task

For example, you might exclude a subnet containing devices restricted from interacting with other devices or exclude a device with an intentionally unorthodox configuration that causes an authentication issue each time it is discovered.

To exclude an IP address:


  1. In the Discovery Schedule form, click the link for the Type of IP address range that contains the address to exclude.

    For example, to exclude, select the IP Network for, which is the range of IP addresses that contains the target address.

    Exclude IP Address
    The Discovery IP Range form appears.
    Exclude IP Address 1
  2. In the Discovery Range Item Excludes related list, click New.
  3. In the Discovery Range Item Exclude form, select a Type for the excluded IPs. For example, select IP Address List to exclude a single IP address or multiple IP addresses that are not sequential.
  4. Right-click the header bar and select Save from the context menu.
    The Discovery Range Item IPs related list appears.
    Exclude IP Address 2
  5. Click New in this list.

    An entry form for the IP addresses to exclude appears.

  6. Enter the IP address to exclude, and then click Submit.
    Exclude IP Address 3
    The excluded IP address appears in the Discovery Range Item IPs related list for that IP address Type.
    Exclude IP Address 4
  7. Click Update to save the excluded address and return to the Discovery Schedule.