Discovery classification form

Discovery includes classifications in the base platform that discover most common operating systems, network devices, and processes.

Select Discovery Definition > CI Classification in the navigation pane and select the desired classification. Discovery provides the following fields for creating new device classifications or edit existing ones.
Table 1. Classification Form Fields
Field Input Value
Name Name of the configuration item (CI)
Active Enable or disable this classification.
Order Configure the order (sequence) in which the platform run this classifier.
Table Select the a table for this classification. For example, if this record classifies a Windows server, select the Windows Server [cmdb_ci_win_server] table.
Match criteria Select which criteria must match to classify this device: Any of the parameters or All of the parameters.
Disable Disables the device classifier for a specific CI, when Discovery of that CI is turned off in the Discovery configuration console. When a classifier is disabled, the system stops classification at this level and does not launch classifiers of a lower order. For example, when the classifier for Windows 2008 Server is disabled, the system stops Discovery at this point and does not launch the Windows Computer classifier.
On classification script This script runs if classification criteria are met. Use this script to perform any special tasks after a device is classified. It is possible to use the g_probe_parameters hashmap from within a classification script to set probe parameters for any configured, triggered probes. For example, this code sets a 'node_port' parameter to 16001 for all triggered probes:
(JS), g_probe_parameters['node_port'] = 16001; //
Related lists
Classification Criteria These criteria are formed from specific parameters and the values that they must contain to match devices that ServiceNowDiscovery finds in the network with CIs in the CMDB. For a detailed discussion of these parameters, see ServiceNowDiscovery Classification Parameters.
Triggers probes These are the exploration probes that ServiceNowDiscovery launches to gather detailed information about a CI that it has classified in the network.
A completed CI classification form with exploration probes defined is shown here. For instruction on creating probes, see Discovery probes and sensors. The probes defined here are launched when the device is properly classified, unless Discovery is configured to stop after classification.
Figure 1. Dsicovery classification form