SNMP switch probes

These probes return bridging information from VLANs connected across network switches, including port selection, forwarding tables, and the use of the spanning tree protocol.

SNMP - Switch - BridgePortTable

This probe returns all the ports from a switch that are used to create a bridge between network segments.
Table 1. Bridging data returned
Table Switch Bridge Port Table [dscy_switch_bridge_port_table]
OID dot1dBasePort,dot1dBasePortIfIndex
Fields populated
  • cmdb_ci
  • port
  • interface_index

SNMP - Switch - SpanningTreeTable

This probe returns the active path between any two network nodes bridged by a switch.
Table 2. Spanning tree data returned
Table Switch Spanning Tree Table [dscy_switch_spanning_tree_table]
OID dot1dStpPort,dot1dStpPortState,dot1dStpPortEnable,dot1dStpPortDesignatedRoot,dot1dStpPortDesignatedBridge
Fields populated
  • cmdb_ci
  • port
  • port_state
  • port_enable
  • designated_root
  • designated_bridge_mac

SNMP - Switch - ForwardingTable

This probe returns information from a switch's forwarding table.

Table 3. Forwarding table data returned
Table Switch Forwarding Table [dscy_switch_fwd_table]
OIDs These OIDs are built as needed by the DiscoveryVlanSwitchProcessor script include.
  • Non-Cisco:
    • Q-BRIDGE MIB: oid_spec_list = 'table dot1qTpFdbAddress.' + vlanIndex + ',dot1qTpFdbPort.' + vlanIndex + ',dot1qTpFdbStatus.' + vlanIndex;
    • BRIDGE MIB: oid_spec_list = 'table dot1dTpFdbAddress,dot1dTpFdbPort,dot1dTpFdbStatus’;
  • Cisco BRIDGE MIB: oid_spec_list = 'table dot1dTpFdbAddress,dot1dTpFdbPort,dot1dTpFdbStatus’;
Additional probe called Switch - MAC Table called by DiscoveryVlanSwitchProcessor script include, if needed.

show mac address-table

Fields populated
  • cmdb_ci
  • vlan_id
  • port
  • status
  • mac_address (from the cmdb_ci field in the Network Infrastructure Item [dscy_net_base] table)

SNMP - Switch - Vlan

This probe returns VLAN IDs from a network switch.
Table 4. VLAN data returned
  • vtpVlanState
  • vmMembershipSummaryVlanIndex,vmMembershipSummaryMemberPorts,vmMembershipSummaryMember2kPorts
  • jnxExVlanTag