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Discovery general error messages

Discovery general error messages

These are general errors encountered in Discovery.

Message: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference
A version of this message occurs if you have used special characters in a password that is saved in an XML file.
Message: Identified, ignored extra IP
This message can appear during the identification phase of Discovery if a targeted IP address belongs to a device that is being discovered at the same time.

For example, a Windows server has two NIC cards with two IP addresses. Discovery targets both IP addresses within the same Discovery schedule. This message is generated to note that that second IP address is ignored because we don't want to update the same CI twice within the same Discovery run.

This message is a warning and is expected. No action is needed.

Message: Authentication failures
The discovery process could not discover the CI because the discovery application could not authenticate. To resolve, add the credentials of that machine in to the discovery credentials table.
Message: Identified, not updating CI, now finished
No match on any of the CI Identifiers.
Message: The impersonation of user failed
This message originates in the Powershell. Check that the domain is specified along with the user name in the credentials.
Message: Connection failed to WMI service. Error: Permission denied
This message originates in WMI. Check that the MIS Server service is running with the correct credentials and has access to the target device.

To check this, run the following command from the command prompt on the MID server host:

wmic /node:target /user:user /password:password path win32_operatingsystem
target = IP address of target device
user = user account used by the mid server service
password = password used by the mid server service
Message: Connection failed to WMI service. Error: The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable
This message originates in WMI. Check that the MID Server service account has access to the targeted machine. Check if a domain admin account is used as the MID server service account? Check if any existing firewalls are open to the connection. To check this, run the following command from the command prompt on the MIS Server host.

Execute for runner_type=WMI:

wmic /node:"<target>" /user:"<user>" /password:"<password>" path win32_operatingsystem
From within a Powershell console on the mid server host, execute for runner_type=Powershell:
gwmi win32_operatingsystem -computer <ip> -credential '<username>'
Message: Provider is not capable of the attempted operation
WMI repository was corrupted. After following this article the problem was corrected:
Message: The result file can't be fetched because it doesn't exist
PRB581515 - Powershell does not work when customer has locked down write rights to admin share.
Message: Please run sneep as root to ensure correct serial number from fserial data source
The Oracle Sneep command line tool must be installed for the Solaris - Serial Number probe to work correctly. There is a known limitation with Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER devices. To work around this limitation, run the Solaris discovery with root credentials.