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Define an eviction policy for VM snapshots

Define an eviction policy for VM snapshots

To conserve disk space, you specify an eviction policy -- a script that deletes an existing snapshot when the following situation arises: 1. The count of snapshots equals the specified snapshot Limit setting and 2. A scheduled job attempts to take a new snapshot.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_admin or admin


  1. Navigate to Cloud Management > Administration > VM Snapshot Eviction Policy and then click New.
  2. Configure the settings as shown in the table and then click Submit.
    Table 1. Catalog item form
    Field Description
    Policy name Unique name for the eviction policy.
    Application Provider for the VM.
    Description Unique description for the policy.
    Script Script that specifies the snapshot to delete. The script sets the value of the result variable to the sys_id of the snapshot to delete.