Cloud Operations portal

Cloud operators (cloud_operator role) can access the Cloud Operations portal to view the cloud resources that the operators manage and the provisioning tasks assigned to operators.

Navigate to Cloud Management > Cloud Operations Portal. The following charts appear:
  • Virtual Provisioning Tasks: Pending tasks related to provisioning virtual machines, such as providing provisioning details.
  • Virtual Administration - Key Metrics: Information about the virtual environment, such as the number of virtual machines in an error state and the number of tasks that require the attention of the logged-in user. Breached OLAs (active tasks that have breached their contract) are included. By default, the limit is one day.
  • Virtual Requests by Status: Recent virtual requests, grouped by status.
  • Virtual Provisioning Tasks by Type: Cloud Management catalog tasks grouped by type.
  • Virtual Assets that I manage: All virtual resources managed by the logged-in user.