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View AWS billing reports

View AWS billing reports

Use the Amazon Web Services Billing reports to monitor costs and visualize your AWS spending.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_user
  • Users with the aws_admin or cloud_admin role can configure, execute and view reports.
  • Users with the ec2_operator, cloud_operator, aws_user, or role can view reports.

About this task

AWS Billing offers a set of billing reports on your AWS usage based on hourly usage. You can view charts of the data on the Cost reports page. The report details list tags associated with the resources. You can categorize VMs by tagging the instances.
Note: To receive the reports, you must have an Amazon S3 bucket available in your AWS account.
  • Product operation type - Costs broken down by the operation type that was run in the AWS account
  • Total cost by resource - Total costs incurred by each AWS resource in the account
  • Total cost by product name - Total costs incurred by each AWS product
  • Total cost by linked account - Total costs incurred by each linked AWS account


  1. Navigate to Amazon AWS Cloud > Reports > Cost & Usage Reports.

    For usage reports, the y-axis is the aggregate usage quantity from the auto-generated Amazon billing report that was downloaded by the billing schedule job. For cost reports, the y-axis is the aggregate blended costs.

    Billing reports
  2. Click Show Filters to specify how to group the information.
    Report filters