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Update the EC2 account key pairs and images

Update the EC2 account key pairs and images

After creating an EC2 account record and associating the certificate and PKCS12 key store file to the account, update the key pairs for the account.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_admin, aws_admin

About this task

Figure 1. EC2 key pairs


  1. Open the account that you created.
  2. Under Related Links, click Update Key Pairs.

    After a brief pause, The system populates the EC2 Key Pairs related list. Key pairs consist of a private key and a fingerprint. To launch a VM in a region and access it via SSH, you use the private key from the key pair for that region.

  3. In the EC2 Region Settings related list, click New.
  4. In the Region Settings form, create a Name for the region, assign that region a Key pair, and select the Amazon Region associated with the key pair.

    Use the private key portion of this key pair to log into any virtual machine created with this key pair.

  5. Click Submit.
  6. Click the Update Images related link to populate the EC2 Images related list with images provided by Amazon.