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Field dependencies for image sizes

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Field dependencies for image sizes

Values in the pre-populated fields of the VM Catalog Item form such as name, short description, price, and description are based on the size of the image you select.

If you change the image size, but no other values, the pre-populated data adjusts according to the parameters of the new size. However, if you change a value in a pre-populated field before changing the size, the field value you changed is not updated when the size changes. This behavior allows you to change the price, name, or description of specific sized images.


The default name of a service catalog item is EC2 Instance - T1 Micro - ami-vpc-nat-1.0.0-beta.i386-ebs. You change the size to M1 Medium without modifying the Name field. The system changes the name to EC2 Instance - M1 Medium - ami-vpc-nat-1.0.0-beta.i386-ebs. If you edit the Name field before changing the size, the item name is not changed.

Each of the four pre-populated fields behaves the same and is independent of the others. For example, if you change the name of the item but not the short description before selecting a new size, the name value is unaffected, but the short description adjusts to match the requirements of the new size.