Extension points for auto-tagging

For Amazon CloudFormation, the following extension points are used in the vm_extension_point table:

Table 1. Extension points
Header 1 Header 2
CloudFormationVariableExt This script is called when a catalog item is created. The script inserts the set sys_id to sc_req_item sys_id variable into the mapping table so that the variables inside the variable set can be added to the catalog item.
CloudFormationBeforeSchedule This script is called before the scheduled job is created. The script extracts the tag names and values from the requested item variables and puts them into the scratchpad workflow variable. The script calls the awsTagUtil script include to apply tags described in tag rules.
Note: Because another script defined for this extension point must run first, set the order to 200.
CloudFormationBuildCreateStackRequest Relates to verifying that mandatory tags are applied .