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Amazon Resource Optimization reports

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Amazon Resource Optimization reports

Reports are generated for pre-defined optimization categories.

The Amazon CloudWatch API fetches the necessary metrics to check against the conditions that are specified by Optimization rules. If the conditions are met, then the report for the category is generated.

Table 1. Resource Optimization reports
Optimization Category CloudWatch Metrics Resource Rule Fields Conditions
EC2 - Underutilized CPU Utilization, NetworkIn, NetworkOut CPU Usage and Network IO CPU utilization < CPU Usage and NetworkIn + NetworkOut < NetworkIO
EC2 - Stranded Instances StatusCheckFailed N/A StatusCheckFailed = 1
EBS - Underutilized VolumeReadOps, VolumeWriteOps IOPS VolumeReadOps + VolumeWriteOps < IOPS
EBS - Unattached N/A N/A cmdb's volume_status field = unattached
ELB - Underutilized RequestCount Number of requests RequestCount < Number of request
ELB - Unattached HealthyHostCount, UnHealthyHostCount No instance attached HealthyHostCount and UnHealthyHostCount < 1 and No instance attached is selected.
ELB - Attached HealthyHostCount Number of attached healthy instances HealthyHostCount < Number of attached healthy instances