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Test JavaScript Probe activity designer template inputs

Test JavaScript Probe activity designer template inputs

You can test the input parameters of a custom JavaScript Probe activity during its development without having to run the activity in a workflow context.

About this task

This test executes only the input parameters against a host and not the pre-processing or post-processing scripts. It is not necessary to check out the activity to test it.


  1. Complete the fields in the Inputs tab of the activity designer.
    You can either create input variables and map them to fields in the form or provide actual values for these fields.
    Note: Make sure to define an appropriate MID Server. The test fails if the MID Server cannot be found or if it cannot connect to the target.
  2. Click Test Activity.
    If you added actual values for your parameters and fields, the system runs those values against the specified target and returns the resulting payload. If you mapped input variables to fields and parameters, the system displays a dialog box for assigning test values to those variables. In this example, the JavaScript probe returns the requested value, ServiceNow, from the host.
    Test value for input variable
  3. Provide test values, if necessary, and click OK to display the payload.
    The Response form appears, providing different views of the payload. The tabs display the activity's post-processing parameter values. The entire payload appears in the Raw Output tab, allowing you to copy the contents into the clipboard.
    Response payload from inputs test
  4. Click the X in the upper right corner of the window to close it.