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Create custom activities

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Create custom activities

From the Custom tab, you can create and update custom activities without leaving the workflow editor.

Before you begin

Roles required: activity_admin, activity_creator, admin


  1. Click the + icon to create a new activity and select the appropriate template from the list.
  2. To add custom activities to a workflow, drag them to the canvas.

    For information about creating and configuring custom activities, see Activity designer variables and Orchestration activity parsing rules.

    Custom activities can:

    • Share data between activities.
    • Parse data from standard input formats.
    • Be purchased from and shared on the ServiceNow Store.
    • Be versioned.

    The information displayed in the Custom tab depends on the current view in the workflow editor. When you display a workflow on the canvas, the Custom tab shows all available custom activities categorized by application, but does not display any input or output data.

  3. Use this view to drag activities into the workflow.
    Workflow custom activities tab

    When you create a custom activity, the Custom tab displays input and output data when the properties form for the new activity is open.

  4. Reuse the data by dragging parameters into fields in the new activity.
    Reusing data from custom activities