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Allocating with the Resource Allocations related list

Allocating with the Resource Allocations related list

Resource managers can create allocations using the Resource Allocations Related List.

About this task

Note: You can also perform this task from the resource workbench.


  1. Navigate to Resource Management > Resource Plans > Requested.
  2. Open a resource plan.
  3. In the Resource Allocations related list, click New.
  4. Fill in the fields, as appropriate (see table).
    Table 1. Resource Allocation form
    Field Description
    Start date Select the start date for the resource. As a good practice, allocate small blocks of work for each allocation. The start and end dates must fall within the dates of the resource plan.
    End date Select the end date for the resource.
    Requested hours [Required] Request the number of hours to allocate.
    Allocated hours [Read-only] Shows the hours the system allocates to the resource when the resource plan is allocated. Allocated hours roll up to the Allocated hours field on the resource plan.
    Resource plan Shows the resource plan the allocation is attached to. This field automatically populates if the allocation record is accessed from a resource plan.
    Task [Read-only] Shows the task to which the resource plan is associated. The task is determined by the resource plan.
    Resource [Required] Select the resource to allocate. The lookup results are filtered by the group or user selected on the resource plan.
    Allocated cost [Read-only] Shows the cost of the resource using the labor rate card, if there is one, or the system property com.snc.time_card.default_rate. Allocated costs roll up to the Allocated cost field on the resource plan.
  5. Click Submit to save the record and return to the resource plan.
  6. Click Allocate on the plan to move it into the Allocated state.