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Assign a team to an agile phase

Assign a team to an agile phase

A project manager can assign a development team to an agile phase or update the currently assigned team.

About this task

Assigning a team to an agile phase updates the project and all associated stories. This action sets the Team field in the following tables:
  • Project [pm_project] in the Project application
  • Story [rm_story] in the SDLC application

Changing the assigned team updates all associated stories which are not set to Complete or Cancelled. For stories with assigned sprints, changing the assigned team clears the Team, Sprint, and Assigned to fields.

A project can have one team assignment but a team can be assigned to multiple projects.


  1. In the project workbench timeline, click the edit phase icon (The edit phase icon) beside the phase name.
    The inline form opens and displays the phase information.
  2. Click the reference icon beside the Team field to display a list of available teams.
  3. Click the desired team.
  4. Click Update.
    The selected team is added to the phase and the team name is added to the project in the timeline. All of the stories in the project are also assigned to the selected team.