Allocate expenses with the workbench

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Before you begin

Role required: financial_analyst or financial_mgmt_admin


  1. Verify your allocation settings on the Configuration tab.
  2. Navigate to the Review stage of the workbench.
  3. Choose what kind of allocation lines you want to generate:
  4. Click Allocate Expenses.


The system allocates the expenses, creates allocation lines, and changes the State field on the general ledger record to Allocated. The values of all allocation lines created from the allocation add up to the value of the general ledger expense. If no rules apply to the general ledger expense, no allocation lines are created and the state of the general ledger record remains Unallocated.

Note: The system rounds allocation lines to two decimal places. An allocation totaling $100.495 is rounded up to $100.50. An allocation totaling $100.494 is rounded down to $100.49. If an allocation is rounded down to $0.00, the system does not create an allocation line.