The Allocation Setup stage

The Allocate Setup stage allows you to assign expenses to accounts and segments.

On the Allocation Setup page, the sub-buckets that you created appear in the left pane, except for sub-buckets that you excluded from the cost model. The segments and their accounts appear in the middle pane, in the hierarchy that you defined in the data definition stage. The summary in the right pane provides a breakdown of how the expenses are assigned to accounts in each segment.

In the Allocation Setup stage, you can:
  • View bucket contents and split buckets into smaller buckets, if necessary.
  • Create and modify rollups to specify exactly how expenses are applied to higher-level segments in the hierarchy.
  • Assign expenses to accounts.
  • Review assigned expenses and revert bucket assignments if necessary.
Figure 1. Setting up allocations on the workbench
Setting up allocations on the workbench