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Budget items

The items that comprise a budget plan come from several other applications in an instance, including Asset Management, Resource Management, and Configuration Management. This enables you to budget your expenses for items across your IT infrastructure.

Each item in the budget plan has an actual item cost. The actual item costs of roll up to comprise the budget plan's actual budget amount. You an further refine the costs of the items by specifying how many units to include in a single item, a unit cost, and the percentage of each unit that you want to include in the actual item cost.

These types of items can comprise a budget plan:
  • Budget Items: general budget items.
  • Hardware: hardware items.
  • Software: software items.
  • Labor: users in the User [sys_user] table.
  • External labor: users and groups.
  • Assets Depreciation: items in the Asset [alm_asset] table.
  • Contracts: items in the Contract [ast_contract].