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Create or modify an HR profile

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Create or modify an HR profile

Employees can directly edit some information in their HR profile, such as emergency contact information, but they are restricted from editing certain fields. If employees want to change information that they are restricted from editing, they must submit requests to HR for the changes.

Before you begin

Role required: hr_profile_writer, hr_agent, or hr_manager

About this task

The HR administrator [hr_admin] can configure which HR profile fields an employee can update. An update to information that the employee cannot update requires that the employee enter an HR employee information change request. To update the HR profile when an employee information change request is assigned to you, complete the following steps.


  1. Navigate to Human Resources > Organization > HR Profiles.
  2. Click New or click a profile number to open an existing user profile.
  3. If you are creating a new HR profile, select the user in the User field.
    You cannot change the user after an HR profile is saved.
    The name, manager, department, location, and work email fields are populated from the user record.
  4. Complete or update the form with as much additional information as you have.
    Table 1. HR profile sections and related lists
    Section or related list Description
    Notes Comments and work notes.
    Employment Information Information such as employment status and type of employment, employee number, and start and end dates.
    Contact Information Information such as address, phone number, personal email address. Some field values are copied from the onboarding form or from Workday if that integration is being used.
    Emergency Contacts A list of the employee's emergency contacts. One contact in the list is designated as the primary and others can be entered as alternates.
    Employment History List of prior employers and dates of employment.
    The following related lists are automatically populated. You can view records in the list, but you cannot enter new records from the related list.
    Direct Reports List of the employees who report directly to the user.
    Colleagues List of other employees who have the same manager as the user.
    Cases Open HR cases for the user.
  5. Click Submit or Update.
    Note: Some HR profile information, such as department, is synchronized between the User [sys_user] and HR Profile [hr_profile] records. Updating information in one record automatically applies the updates in the other record.