HR Catalog items installed with HR Service Management

Human Resources Application: Core adds the following HR catalog items.

HR catalog item Description
401(k) benefits Submit a question about 401(k) benefits. For example: How much can I contribute? or When will withdrawals start?
Career guidance Submit a question about your career at the organization. For example: What is required to be considered for a promotion?
Employee information changes Enter and submit changes to your HR profile information, such as a new personal email address. Some fields update automatically, and others are updated by an HR agent.
Employee offboarding Submit an offboarding request for an employee who is leaving the company. Variables include the employee who is leaving, the offboard type, and the employment end date.
Employee onboarding Submit an onboarding request for a new hire that is due to start in the future. Variables include HR profile information, employment information, and personal information.
Employee relations questions Submit a question about employee relations. For example: My office mate talks too loudly on the phone all day long.
Employment verification Submit a request to have an employment verification letter generated and sent to a third-party contact, such as a bank loan officer. Variables include the name of the institution, contact name and info, and email address.
General Submit a question about benefits that are not covered by the other catalog items. For example: Does the company have a discount program?
Grievance Submit a case describing an occurrence or situation that needs to be addressed. For example: Someone is smoking cigarettes every afternoon in the 2nd floor bathroom.
Leave of absence Submit a request for a leave of absence. Variables include the type of leave and when it starts and ends.
Life events Submit a question about life events such as marriage or domestic partnership.
Medical/dental/vision Submit a question about your health coverages, such as what you need to do to cover your domestic partner.
Payroll Submit a question about payroll. For example: How do I change my W2 deductions?
Retirement Submit a question about retirement benefits and options, such as how many years must you have with the company to qualify for retirement.
Tuition Submit a request for tuition reimbursement following your company guidelines. Variables include the educational institution, class taken, completion date, and the tuition amount.
Vacation Submit a question about vacation policies, such as when you get an additional week per year.