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How HR cases and tasks are assigned

How HR cases and tasks are assigned

Understanding how HR agents are assigned to HR cases and tasks is important because it will help you set up auto-assignment to work as expected.

This diagram illustrates the hierarchy of the assignment process.

Figure 1. HR assignment process
HR assignment hierarchy
  1. When the HR case is entered, an HR group is assigned from the HR case template or from an assignment rule. The HR case template assigns the group during case entry, before the case is submitted. An assignment rule assigns the group when the case is submitted, if the assignment group is empty.
  2. When the case is submitted, the auto-assignment process evaluates the time zone, location, and skills of each member of the assignment group, depending on which configuration options are enabled. It also evaluates the workload, or number of cases assigned to each user. It assigns the closest matching assignment group member based on workload.
The following predefined items support HR case and task assignment.
Table 1. Predefined HR items
Item Description
HR groups Several HR groups are predefined, including HR, which is intended to contain all HR staff members.
HR case templates Case templates are used to create catalog items. A number of predefined catalog items are provided for common HR requests, such as tuition reimbursement and 401k questions. Most HR case templates assign HR as the assignment group.

There are also HR task templates that are associated with the catalog items to create tasks for fulfilling HR cases. Both case and task templates can specify the assignment group.

Assignment rules A predefined assignment rule assigns HR as the group when an HR case is submitted and there is no assigned group.
The following auto-assignment options are configured in the HR Configuration module.
Table 2. HR Configuration auto-assignment options
Option Description
Auto-selection of agents will consider time zone for tasks HR tasks are individual pieces of work that must be completed to resolve the HR case. HR tasks can be assigned to a time zone; if you assign a time zone, you can use the time zone of the task and the HR agent's location to auto-assign the agent.
Auto-selection of agents will consider location of agents. If the organization is spread across two or more locations, and each has an HR team, you can use the HR agent's location. For example, a vacation question from an employee in Germany is assigned to a member of the Benefits group in the Berlin office.
Auto-selection of agents for tasks requires them to have [all] [some] [none] skills Within a group, HR agents may specialize in an area. For example, on the Benefits team, some agents may know more about medical claims or leave requests. You select from [all] [some] [none] based on whether you assign and maintain HR skills.