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Employee Change HR Workflow

Employee Change HR Workflow

Review detailed information about the predefined Employee Change HR Workflow to ensure it meets the needs of your organization. The Employee Change HR Workflow is used to request updates to HR profile information that employees and their managers are not authorized to edit.

Typically, organizations allow employees to update certain personal information, but not employment information, which is changed by an HR agent or the employee's manager. For example, the manager updates the profile when the employee is promoted to a new position.

In the Human Resources Configuration, you can select which HR profile fields can be edited. You can select fields for personal and employment information, and other sensitive information. Employees can update any editable personal information field directly in their HR profiles.

The employment information fields that you enable for edit allow an employee's manager to update the field. However, the manager cannot open the employee's HR profile. The manager must submit an employee information change request with the updated information. When the request to change the editable fields is submitted, the HR Employee Change Workflow takes the following actions.
  • Opens an HR case.
  • Updates the employee's HR profile.
  • Closes the HR case.
To update HR profile fields that are not editable, employees or their managers submit an employee information change request. If the specified user has an HR profile, the record producer places the available data into the corresponding fields. The requester updates the fields to be changed and submits the request which launches the following Employee Change HR Workflow.
  • Opens an HR case.
  • Sends an approval request to members of the HR group. The notification lists the changes that are being requested and contains links to approve or reject the changes.
  • If approval is given, the HR profile is updated and the HR case is closed. Because this is a simple HR profile update, no further notifications are sent.
  • If the requested changes are rejected, a comment is added to the HR profile to specify who rejected the request, the HR case is set to Closed Incomplete, and HR agents assigned to the case are notified.

When an HR agent submits an HR employee change request, such as when an employee or manager calls the HR agent, the HR profile is updated and the case is closed. No notifications are sent.