Modify the GRC control test definition

Copy the existing control test definition provided by GRC and replace the condition collection with the certification filter and template you created in the previous procedures.

  1. Navigate to GRC > Administration > Control Test Definitions.
  2. Select the All vendors have an NDA record.
  3. Right-click the header bar and select Insert and Stay from the context menu.
    This action saves a copy of the control test definition record.
  4. Change the name of this record to All vendors have an NDA (template) to differentiate it from the provided version.
    This record uses a condition collection, specified in the Configuration field, called All Vendors have an NDA.
    GRC non-disclosure agreement control test definition
  5. In the Condition type field, select Template.
    The system displays the Template field and hides the fields used for condition collections. The Configuration to retrieve is preset to Non Matching, which returns a list of vendors who do not have active non-disclosure agreements.
  6. In the Template field, select the active version of Vendors with an NDA.
    Specifying a template in the GRC non-disclosure agreement
  7. Click Update.
    The system is configured for a GRC audit of vendors who do not have active contracts with non-disclosure agreements.