Define a template condition in a GRC control test definition

Template conditions use certification templates to apply conditions to the specified table.

  1. In the Control Test Definition form, click Collect supporting data.
  2. Select Template from the choice list.
  3. Fill in the fields on the form, as appropriate:
    Template conditions in a control test definition record
    Table 1. Advanced condition fields
    Field Description
    Data purpose Purpose of the data being sampled. This selection influences how the control test is performed. Choices are:
    • None
    • Support test execution: Returns a random sampling of records.
    • Identifies non compliance: Returns all of the records that do not match the condition or conditions specified.
    • Identifies compliance: Returns all of the records that do match the condition or conditions specified.
    Table Table from which to collect the data. This field is read-only when Template is the Condition type. When you select a template to define test conditions, the table is set by the certification filter used in the template and cannot be changed.
    Fields List of fields whose values you want to evaluate when determining whether records match the conditions.
    Configuration to retrieve Method for using the Configuration reference field. Possible choices are:
    • None: Returns all records in scope.
    • Matching: Returns all matching records in scope.
    • Non-matching: Returns all non-matching records in scope.
    Template [Required] Certification template that defines conditions for this test definition. Only templates with an audit type of Compliance are available for selection. This field is available and mandatory when the value in the Condition type field is Template.