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Use the customer portal

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Use the customer portal

Use the customer portal to search for information about a question or an issue or to request assistance from a customer service agent.

The portal home page includes the following features:
  • A header with buttons for creating and viewing cases, viewing assets, and managing users.
  • A search feature that customers can use to search for information from several repositories.
  • Links to information sources, such as the knowledge base, the community, and customer support cases.
Use the portal to:
  • Search the knowledge base for information that is relevant to an issue.
  • Engage the community, reach out to other users, and ask questions.
  • Create a case for an issue or a problem.
  • View a list of current user-created cases.
  • View or modify information for a specific user-created case.
  • View a list of user assets.
  • View or update information in their user profile.

Users with the sn_customerservice.customer_admin, sn_customerservice.partner, or sn_customerservice.partner_admin role can access account, product, and asset information from the customer portal.

Figure 1. Customer Portal
Customer self-service portal