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  • Engagement Overview

    The Engagement Overview is contained in the Audit Management application and provides an executive view into audit results, engagement breakdowns by task, and allows areas of concern to be identified quickly.

    Tags: Versions > Quebec; Products > Governance Risk and Compliance
  • Engagement Workbench

    The Engagement Workbench provides a timeline view from which you can select an audit engagement to view details or create a new engagement.

  • Relate a test template to a policy statement

    Audit owners can create generic control test templates for a policy statement, avoiding the creation of individual control test plans for every control.

    Tags: Versions > New York
  • GRC issues management

    Issues can be created manually to document audit observations, remediations, or to accept any problems. They are automatically generated from indicator results, attestation results, or control test effectiveness.

  • GRC profile scoping

    The Scoping module contains profiles and profile types for use in all GRC-related applications. They can be created for any record on any table.

  • Dependency modeling and mapping

    An important aspect of risk and compliance management is understanding how various parts of the organization are related to each other. Doing so allows for a more comprehensive risk assessment process. Stakeholders can more easily discern how risks in different...

  • GRC Workbench

    The GRC Workbench gives GRC administrators a graphical interface to create profile and risk dependencies. These relationships enable consistent risk mapping and modeling across the enterprise.

  • Audit Management Administration

    The Audit Management application provides properties associated with the audit report templates

  • Legacy migration

    Customers currently using Legacy GRC [com.snc.governance] or Legacy Risk [com.sn_risk] are not required to activate and migrate to the new functionality, but recommended.

  • Supported migration

    After migrating from the legacy GRC application, certain relationships between elements are maintained.

    Tags: Versions > New York