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Communicate a workaround

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Communicate a workaround

Before you begin

Role required; itil

About this task

The Communicate Workaround option on the Problem form quickly and easily communicates workarounds to multiple users from one place, eliminating the need to manually update each incident.


  1. Open the problem for which you have a workaround.
  2. Enter the information in the Work notes text box and select the Workaroundcheck box.
  3. Click Post.
  4. Click the Communicate Workaround related link.

    This adds the problem number and the contents of the Workaround field as a new entry in the Activity field on all related incidents. By default, any entries made in an incident Activity field generate an email notification to the Caller on the Incident form.

    If group on-call rotation scheduling is in effect when you communicate a workaround, the system stops the escalations on the associated incidents because the workaround has been communicated to the end users. This effectively communicates knowledge to the appropriate audience, but does not create a knowledge article.