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Software Spend Detection

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Software Spend Detection

Use the ServiceNow Software Spend Detection application to track, analyze, and optimize software spending from imported financial data.

Use Software Spend Detection to optimize software spending.
  • Streamline business processes and reduce costs by consolidating software products with similar functionality.
  • Reinforce company software purchasing policies by viewing all software purchased in each department.
  • Start managing any unmanaged software by creating software models and entitlements with Software Asset Management.

Software Spend Detection dashboard

View all software spend from uploaded financial data in the Software Spend Detection dashboard.

Access the Software Spend Detection dashboard by navigating to Software Spend Detection > Overview. Expand a publisher in the left menu bar to see their products. Click a publisher or product to show only those transactions. Click Edit date range to filter transactions by date. By default, the dashboard shows all transactions from within the past year. Move your cursor over the Software Spend Over Time graph to view exact spend amounts. You can also view transactions grouped by cost center, department, or location using the tabs at the bottom of the dashboard. Sharing the dashboard's URL displays your currently selected publisher, product, and date range. To view the applied filters, the URL recipients must already be logged in to their ServiceNow instance.

Note: Transactions that aren't labeled with a software publisher aren't included in the dashboard. You can manually update these transactions to add them to the dashboard. For more information, see Manually update transactions.
Software Spend Detection dashboard
Table 1. Overview
Field Description
Unmanaged Publishers Number of publishers that have unmanaged products.
Unmanaged Products Number of products that don't have a software model.
Total Detected Spend Total amount spent on software. This value is equal to Accounts Payable Spend plus Expense Spend.
Unmanaged Spend Total spend for transactions where the publisher and product are identified but there's no software model for the product. You can create software models and entitlements to start tracking those products and turn unmanaged spend into managed spend.
Accounts Payable Spend Total spend for transactions where the type is Accounts Payable. These transactions are from an accounting or procurement system.
Expense Spend Total spend for transactions where the type is Expense. These transactions are from an employee expense system or credit card feed.