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Software Asset Management publisher pack for Citrix

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Software Asset Management publisher pack for Citrix

Use the Software Asset Management publisher pack for Citrix to integrate your Citrix systems, create entitlements and software models, and track licensing positions for both Citrix users and devices to determine your compliance.

The Citrix publisher pack supports Virtual Applications (formerly XenApp) and Virtual Desktop (formerly XenDesktop) products.

The Citrix publisher pack supports both types of Citrix licensing models: concurrent and User/Device.

Citrix license architecture

Concurrent licenses are licenses that are only used during an active session. If the session is disconnected or ends, the license can be consumed by another user or device. Concurrent licenses only allow either one connection to a virtual desktop or unlimited applications for any user and any device. License consumption is based on how many licenses are being used.

User/Device licenses are assigned to either a user or a shared device. If the license is assigned to the user, that user has unlimited connections from unlimited devices. If the license is assigned to a device, unlimited users and unlimited connections can be made from that single device. License consumption for User/Device licenses is based on the user or device using the license.

View your license usage with the Software Publisher Analytics dashboard. Based on this information, reclaim any unused or unauthorized licenses to optimize your licensing position.

Note: Software products deployed in virtualized Citrix environments are licensed based on potential access and not based on actual usage. Any user or device with the potential to access the product consumes a software license. Potential access is determined by discovering the user to delivery group mapping from the Citrix delivery controller.