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Configure Visual Task Boards labels

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Configure Visual Task Boards labels

Labels help categorize tasks and visually distinguish them on the task board. You can disable or rename labels using the labels tab of the activity stream.

Before you begin

Role required: none

About this task

Every board will have seven labels by default.

Default Labels

Any board member can edit the labels on a board. All the labels are visible on the Quick Panel under Labels


  1. From the task board tools, click the Labels tab.
    Labels tab
  2. Turn on the Show Labels button if it is turned off. You can see seven default labels.
    • Users with global_tags_creator role can add more labels to the board and rename the label
    • To add labels, click Add LabelsAdd Label. Newly added label remains in off state by default. You can assign any color or no color to the label. To rename the label, click the label text and enter new value.
    • To change the color of the label, click the Select color icon Select Colorbeside the label. Select the color of your choice from the color picker and click Save.

      Color Picker.
    • To disable or enable a specific label, toggle the button next to the label. To turn on or turn off a specific label, toggle the button next to the label. Only turned on labels show up in the quick filter and can be applied to a card
    • Board owner can delete the label by clicking Delete Label icon. Delete Label next to the label.
    • To filter the cards by labels, type the Label name in the Search bar Search Baror click Add to Filter Add to Filtericon against the label. Once you filter by the label, you can only see cards with that label.
    Labels on Card Details Page
    When user clicks the card, the card opens with the details of the card. It contains all the applied labels under Details tab.

    Labels on the card

    Under the Labels tab, the toggle button for applied labels is On and Off for the labels that are not applied
    Label details