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Visual Task Boards

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Visual Task Boards

Visual Task Boards (VTB) transform the navigation of lists and forms into an interactive graphical experience.

With Visual Task Boards, you can view and update multiple task records, which appear as cards that can be moved between lanes. Anqa activity stream on the board displays recent activity so you can easily track changes to tasks. You can add task cards from any table that extends Task to intuitively and easily track updates and edit records directly from the board. Any user can use task boards, regardless of role, though access control rules (ACLs) may limit which cards each user can see. The Visual Task Board interface provides a graphic-rich environment suited for managing and collaborating on records. For example, a support manager might create a board for her team to track their assigned incidents by state in real time.

This video demonstrates how Visual Task Boards work.

Note: UI16 or UI15 is required to use Visual Task Boards.

Visual task boards have domain separation at the data level only. For more information, see Domain separation in Visual Task Boards.

The following podcast offers additional information on the use of Visual Task Boards.


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