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Legacy: Use help desk chat to provide support

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Legacy: Use help desk chat to provide support

Staff who are assigned to chat support can provide live support via instant messaging. Administrators and users with the chat_admin role can assign chat support staff (see Set Up Chat Queues for Help Desk Chat).

About this task

To provide users with live support using chat:


  1. Navigate to Social IT > Chat to open your chat desktop.
    • A chat queue agent window appears on your chat desktop for each chat queue you are assigned to. If no agent windows appear, ask an administrator to add you as a member of the assignment group for a chat queue.
    • The chat queue agent window displays the number of users in the queue and how long they have been waiting.
    • Every member of the assignment group sees the associated chat queue agent window.
  2. Click Answer Next User to answer the next user or click Answer beside a specific user in the queue. A chat window opens.
    • Only the agent and the user can see the chat window.


Provide support via instant messaging. Chat queue agents can access additional support functions in the chat window menu:

  • Invite User: invite another expert to assist with a support chat. An invitation appears in the favorites list of an invited user.
  • Create Incident from Chat: create a new incident record with the initial question as the short description and the support chat as a linked chat room (accessible from the Create or Join Chat Room related link on the Incident form).
    Note: Administrators can edit this action or add additional actions to the chat window menu.
Figure 1. Chat Queue Agent
Example service desk chat