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Legacy: Chat

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Legacy: Chat

Chat is deprecated in the Istanbul release.

Note: The Connect feature provides an updated instant messaging platform, which is activated by default for new instances. The legacy chat and Connect features should not be used concurrently. There is no migration path from legacy chat to Connect.

Chat aprovides real-time communication via instant messaging between users in a ServiceNow instance. Features include:

  • One-to-one chats (instant messaging) between users.
  • Chat rooms for conversations with multiple users. Chat rooms may be public (any user can join) or private (only invited users can join).
  • Chat rooms linked to task records. Users can work together to solve issues, and conversation history can be shared by everyone who needs to reference it.
  • Help desk chat. End users can access live support via instant messaging. Service desk staff can resolve basic issues in real-time or create incidents directly from chat requests for more extensive issues.
Figure 1. Chat Desktop
Example desktop chat between Fred Luddy and System Administrator