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Skills Management dashboard and reporting

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Skills Management dashboard and reporting

Use the Skills Management dashboard to analyze trends in assessing skill gaps in your organization and plan for coaching or training of your employees based on needs. Identify users and teams who have the right skills to work on tasks and projects. The Skills Management dashboard provides comprehensive reports on skill competencies of users, the tasks that require those skills, and skill gaps you can address to fulfill your organizational needs.

You can access the dashboard by navigating to Skills > Dashboard.

Figure 1. Overview and Skill Matrix tab
Skills Matrix
Figure 2. Skill Taxonomy

You can filter these reports based on the skill category and view reports for each category.

Skill Taxonomy

End user and roles

End user and goal Required role
As a s skills manager, you can:
  • Build your teams based on the skills set your organization needs.
  • Have visibility into skill competencies of employees.
  • Analyze skill gaps and plan for coaching or training of your employees based on the needs.
  • Identify users who have a specific skill or belong to specific skill categories.
  • Track skill proficiencies of users over time.
  • Identify key skills being used in solving your business needs and the users with those skills.
  • Build learning programs based on skill strengths, weaknesses, preferences, gaps, and risks identified for your organization.
  • Build teams based on skills you need to complete projects.
  • Evaluate how effectively users solve business needs using their skill competencies and provide feedback to implement improvements.
  • Review how efficiently work assignments are made based on skill levels.
  • Match user skills with skills needed to complete work items and assign projects to teams based on those skills.


Title Type Description
Skills Matrix pivot report icon

Multi-level pivot table

  • View competencies for all users in a particular group.
  • View the competency of all users for a particular skill in a group.
Top 10 skills used in the last six months total bars report

Bar chart

Identify the top 10 skills that are in use and which users have those skills.
Tasks associated with skills total bars report

Bar chart

View the number of tasks that have skills assigned to them. The example report shows data for the last six months.
Users with Skills total bars report

Bar chart

View the total number of users with skills assigned in each skill category.
Skills in Category total bars report

Bar chart

View the total number of skills in the selected category.
List of user skills List of skills with total count of users for each skill View number of users available for each skill.