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MID Server fails to start

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MID Server fails to start

When a newly installed MID Server fails to start or shuts down prematurely, improper configuration could be to blame.

Duplicate MID Server names

When the MID Server service starts, it verifies that it is the only active (not down) MID Server with that name. If the MID Server discovers another active MID Server with the same name, the starting MID Server waits 5 minutes and sends another query. The MID Server repeats this query three times and logs each attempt in the agent log. If the MID Server still detects a duplicate after this cycle, it creates a record in the MID Server Issue [ecc_agent_issue] table and shuts down.

Upgraded MID Servers running multiple services

Beginning with the New York release, a batch file in the MID Server installer package ensures that only one Windows MID Server service is configured for an executable path (MID Server installation folder). Previous versions have not checked for this configuration. MID Servers upgraded to New York or later that run multiple services with the same executable path are prevented from starting. If you experience this issue, follow this procedure to reconfigure the MID Server to use only one service:
  1. Delete the unwanted Windows service by running sc.exe delete <service name> from the command line.
  2. Open the wrapper-override.conf file in the MID Server installation folder.
  3. Change the and wrapper.displayname parameters to the service name that you want to keep.
  4. Restart the MID Server.