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Defining Name Components

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Defining Name Components

Name components define the document values used in the name format.

For example, the name component document.audience.code dot-walks from the document record to the audience Code.

To define a new name component, navigate to Managed Documents > Administration > Components and click New.
Field Description
Name A unique identifier for the name component.
Short Description A short description of the name component value.
Value The path to the field holding the value used for the name format. Defined relative to a current revision record.
For example:
  • Enter revision to use the revision Number field on the revision record.
  • Enter to use the Name field on the revision's referenced document.
  • Enter document.audience.code to use the Code field for the audience referenced by the document.

This dot-walking approach makes it possible to get any value related to the revision into the name format.

Note: The revision component is a special component replaced by the appropriate revision number (rather than querying a value related to the current record). The revision is either automatically incremented or uses the latest revision number, depending on the setting on the document form.
The following components are defined in the base system.
Name Short description Value
Audience code Displays the code assigned to the document audience. document.audience.code
Classification code Displays the classification code. document.classification.code
Document name Displays the document name.
Revision Displays the document revision. revision
Type code Displays the code assigned to the document type. document.type.code