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Configure filter facet widget instance options

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Configure filter facet widget instance options

Configure widget instance options for the filter facet widgets on the Knowledge Management Service Portal search results page.

Before you begin

Role required: knowledge_admin or admin

About this task

The homepage uses several widgets to filter the items in the search results list. There are two types of facet widgets:
  • Simple field facets based on the Knowledge table fields
  • Advanced query facets based on custom queries of the Knowledge table
Use the widget instance options to customize these facet widgets:
  • Knowledge Field Facet (for filtering by knowledge base, knowledge category, and author)
  • Knowledge Tags Facet (for filtering by tag)
  • Knowledge Resource Facet (for filtering by resource, such as articles and social Q&A)
  • Knowledge Query Facet (for filtering by rating, last modified, and number of views)


  1. Navigate to the Knowledge Management Service Portal search results page.
  2. Control + right-click a filter facet widget.
  3. Click Instance Options.
  4. Configure the desired settings for the selected type of facet widget.
    Instance option Description
    Title Title of the filter facet widget.
    Glyph Icon that appears to the left of the title.
    Order Order in which the filter facet widgets appear on the left side of the search results page. If empty, the filter facet widgets sort alphabetically.
    Bootstrap color Color of the filter facet widget header.
    CSS See widget CSS for details.
    Source Table Table that contains the Source Field used to provide the filter facet widget options. The default table is Knowledge (kb_knowledge).
    Source Field Field in the Source Table that provides the filter facet widget options. Field types that can be used as a source field include string, choice, glide list, integer, reference, and boolean.
    Facet Identifier Unique name for the custom query facet that can be used in script code.
    Facet Template Template that determines the type of facet interaction.
    Knowledge Field Facet widget templates:
    • Single Select: users can select only one filter from this widget.
    • Multi Select: users can select more than one filter from this widget.
    • Dropdown Select: users can select more than one filter from a drop-down menu.
    Knowledge Query Facet widget templates
    • Simple Query: shows a label for each facet value.
    • Rating: shows rating stars.
    Custom Template Custom template that determines facet interaction and value selection.
    Facet Options Custom query in JSON format for the label, ID, order, and query for each facet value. Includes the table, value (encoded query), and display value (encoded query).
    Order by Order of the filter options within the facet widget. The default order is label, which sorts the options in alphabetical order. For reference fields, you can also state an order from the reference field table.
    Minimum results for showing filter search bar Minimum number of results required to display a search bar at the top of the filter facet widget.
    Minimum results for showing scroll bar Minimum number of results required to display a scroll bar in the filter facet widget.
    Maximum length for string field Maximum field length. Only fields whose length is less than this value are allowed to be added as a filter facet.
    Alternate URL Parameters Names of the URL parameters used to initialize this filter facet, if used in the URL as a search parameter.
    Fetch Maximum Values If enabled, fetches all facet values instead of only those facets applicable for the initial load of results. Disabling this instance option can reduce the load time for the filter facet. Based on the property.
    Show Empty Value If enabled, shows an empty filter facet option that users can select to filter for articles that do not have this field set.

    For example, if an article does not have an assigned category, clicking the empty option lists all articles with no assigned category.

    Show Only Facet Values Matching Results Creates a dynamic filter facet widget that displays only those filter values that match the search results rather than showing all values. If you disable this instance option, the time needed to load the filter facet data is reduced.
    Show category hierarchy (valid for kb_category only) If enabled, shows categories with their hierarchy list up to the fourth-level. When you enable this option, you can select only one category at a time. Any articles that are included in the subcategories beyond the fourth-level also appear in the fourth-level of category. The search results filtered on a selected parent category include articles within that category and all the associated child categories.
  5. Click Save.